Sarah Chapin

In a late night worship that took place every night, Mark asked the group “how does life live through you?” and I expected not to have an answer, but in fact I did. I wrote down in my small journal given to us a few months before that life lived through me in constant hunger for happiness and contentment. through moments of pure joy and unconditional bliss. Oh if life were full of moments. I said this countless times on this trip. feeling the warm sun on my face when i went out for a morning run with nancy, making jokes at the dinner table, laughing with the students at safe passage because neither of us can understand each other and a little girl grabbing my hand the minute I walk into a class room and sitting me down at her table for the pure reason of working next to me. these were a few moments out of many that I will cherish forever. This trip made me realize that life is full of moments. The children lived moment to moment the way that an inspirational speaker would tell you to do. this meant to me that, like these children, I should make every minute one that counts. they taught me the secret to being present. a little girl who I was climbing a jungle gym with pointed to a small building, that i would not consider a house and told me in Spanish that that building was her home. this home did not look safe, sanitary or happy, in my standards. but she continued to climb around, laugh, and making me chase her in circles. she was so present, i never even thought about it till after, that while i spent the entire afternoon worrying about this little girls living situation, she wasn’t. she was not home, she was at safe passage. this taught me the incredible life lesson of living in the moment, not just at certain times, but all of the time. whether i go back or not, i don’t think i could thank her enough for possibly teaching me the most valuable part of being a happy person.

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